“Kossakowski – Byc Jak……” or the original Format title “How to Be” is a new program produced for Television TTV. Its demanding and at the same time impressive formula forces Przemek Kossakowski to a total physical and mental metamorphosis.

In his new incarnation Przemek Kossakowski enters into the skin and the lives of people welknown from the front pages of the news. His discoveries will allow to take a look at the celebrities from a different perspective in fact he will delve into the very psyche of the people who fascinate us most, learning about them from a completely different angle – by becoming them… even if it means dressing the part! Then – in a powerful, emotional twist – the roles will be reversed: celebrity will become interviewer, and interviewer will “become” the celebrity. The reversal of roles will confront the celebrity with his own self, and will lead him to ask the questions no one has ever asked him before

So “Kossakowski. Byc Jak…” shows the most important events from the life of the episode’s main character. Przemek Kossakowski will try to know his guest as close as possible by becoming the guest – dressing style to speech. He looks at what his quest has done in the life or, more interesting, what he hasn’t done and why. In this program the host will ask the kind of questions that no one has never dared to ask before.